Alex Albright
Democrat for District 4
Pitt County Commissioners
Early voting closes November 3 at 1 p.m.
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--from the candidate:

My wife, Elizabeth, and I moved to Fountain in 2001, with our infant son, Silas. Fountain has been a great place for him to grow up, and for us to become a part of a very special community of friends and neighbors. Silas is now a freshman at Appalachian State, and I'm nearing retirement, after 38 years of teaching.

I run for this important office from the perspective of having lived in Pitt County for 37 years, during which I've enjoyed the many benefits of a county that's well run and staffed by outstanding professionals in every department. I also offer several personal perspectives: I know first hand the importance and challenges facing Pitt County parents in the 21st century; I've been immersed in education for a long career; I've struggled with a small business in a big-box and e.commerce economy; and I've worked closely with our small town's mayor and commissioners to find ways with limited means to improve our citizens' quality of life.

As a Pitt County Commissioner, I'll serve and represent all of our county's citizens to the best of my abilities. I look forward to working with the Board of Commissioners and our county's excellent staff as we strive towards improving services in fiscally responsible ways. My background and interests will be especially suited to strengthening public transportation; recreation, health, and education; and business recruitment.

I'm also interested in hearing about the issues and concerns that are most on the minds of our county's citizens, and to figuring out, together, how best to proceed into our future.

Alex Albright

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