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Alex Albright
Democrat for District 4
Pitt County Commissioners

Publications & Professional Activities

Recent publications

"Langston Hughes Sought Solitude in Reno." Nevada Magazine, Jan.-Feb. 2019.

"'Cool Control of Syllables.'" rev. of The Complete Poems of A.R. Ammons. Tar River Poetry, Spring 2018.

"Carolina Bluegrass Band: Getting Good Grades from Russell Johnson." Bluegrass Unlimited. June 2018.

"In Memoriam: Thomas E. Douglass." North Carolina Literary Review online, 2018

"On Bluegrass, Beer, Some Barbecue and a Few Weeks in Prague." in storySouth, Fall 2017. n.p. online

"Mose McQuitty's Band and Minstrel Days, 1899-1937." Bandwagon: The Journal of the Circus Historical Society 60.3 (2016): 6-47.

"Prague Bluegrass Spring." Bluegrass Unlimited. October 2016: 42-45.

Publications, books

The Forgotten First: B-1 and the Integration of the Modern Navy. Fountain, NC: R.A. Fountain, 2013.

The Mule Poems, by A.R. Ammons (editor). Fountain, NC: R.A.Fountain, 2010.

The North Carolina Poems, by A.R. Ammons (editor, with afterword). New & expanded edition. Lexington, KY: Broadstone Books, 2010.

The North Carolina Poems, by A.R. Ammons (editor, with afterword) Rocky Mount, NC: North Carolina Wesleyan College P, 1994.

Leaves of Greens: The Collard Poems. Ayden, NC: Ayden Collard Festival (co-editor with Luke Whisnant), 1984.

Dreaming the Blues: Poems from Martin County Prison. Williamston, NC: Martin County Arts Council, 1984 (editor).

Publications, scripts

"Coming into Freedom: The End of the Civil War in Eastern North Carolina" (one-woman show starring Louise Anderson with the NC Symphony and Badgett Sisters). Writer, producer, director. Creswell, NC: Dept. of Cultural Resources (1 Sept. 1990).

"Boogie in Black and White." (television documentary) Chapel Hill, NC: The Center for Public Television. February, 1988 (writer/producer). Broadcast Feb. 1988: UNC-TV network (Arbitron ratings: 25,000 viewers). Re-broadcast Feb. 1989, UNC-TV; also broadcast on PBS affliliates in 26 states, D.C. and the Virgin Islands.

Publications, chapters in books

"'Running to Catch Up: Event Becoming Word': Ammons, Kerouac, and Their New Romantic Scrolls" in Complexities of Motion: Chaos and Order in A.R. Ammons's Long Poems, Steven P. Schneider, ed. Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 1999: 83-113.

"'Friend of Reason': Surveying the Fred Davis Chappell Papers at Duke University" in Dream Garden: The Poetic Vision of Fred Chappell, Patrick Bizzaro, ed. Baton Rouge, LA, 1997: 221-240.

"Scenes from a Dream: (Nearly) Lost Images of Black Entertainers." in Images of the South: Constructing a Regional Culture on Film and Video. Ed. Karl G. Heider. Athens, GA: U. of Georgia P, 1993. 55-76.

"Satori in Rocky Mount: Kerouac in North Carolina." The Southern Quarterly 24.3 (Spring 1986): 35-48. Repr. in Kerouac at the Wild Boar. John Montgomery, ed. San Anselmo, CA: Fels & Firn Press, 1986: 29-38.

Publications, articles & essays

"Noon Parade and Midnight Ramble: Traveling Tent Shows in North Carolina, 1900-50." Good Country People I.1 (Spring 1995): 61-90.

"On Reading Paul Green's Mail: A Conversation with Laurence G. Avery." St. Andrews Review 46 (Summer 1994) 33-50.

"Classic Blues under Gigantic Tents." Living Blues 24.3 (June 1993) 46-49.

"The African-American Traveling Minstrel Show" Living Blues 24.2 (April 1993) 36-41.

"Before He Went West, He had to Go South: Kerouac's Southern Aesthetics." North Carolina Humanities 1.2 (spring 1993) 53-70.

"Micheaux, Vaudeville, and Black Cast Film." Black Film Review 7.4: 6-9, 36.

review of Segregated Skies: All Black Combat Squadrons of World War II, by Stanley Sandler. Washington: Smithsonia, 1992. North Carolina Historical Review 70.2 (April 1993) 234.

"Ponds and Mudbanks and Ditchbanks, Brierberries, Things of That Kind: A Conversation with A.R. Ammons." North Carolina Literary Review 1.1 (summer 1992) 46-57.

"Collard Greens," in Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. William Ferris and Charles Reagan Wilson, eds. Chapel Hill, N.C.: The UNC P (1989).

"Mose McQuitty's Unknown Career: A Personal History of Black Music in America." Black Music Research Bulletin. 11.2 (Fall 1989): 1-5.

"Boogie Woogie Jams Again." American Film 12.8 (June 1987): 36-40.

"North Carolinaa's Early Movies." The State 54.2 (July 1986): 8-11.

"Two Literary Notes" (37), "Kerouac in Carolina: A Chronology" (7-8), "Kerouac in Carolina: A Guide to People, Places & References" (38-39), "Mrs. Buddhy Tom Remembers Kerouac" (39-40), "Reply to Pancho Savery" (6) Moody Street Irregulars 16-17.

"Breaking the Race Barrier: The Navy B-1 Band." Tar Heel Junior Historian 25.3 (1986): 13-17.

Also: 56 book reviews in the Raleigh News & Observer, Greensboro Daily News and Athens (GA) Observer, and 18 travel pieces, news articles, interviews, and short stories in a variety of small magazines and local and state newspapers; 3 articles in the North Carolina Literary Review.

Papers presented at scholarly meetings:

"Rusco & Hockwald's Georgia Minstrels of 1926," Nevada Historical Society, Reno, NV. 7 Jan 2009.

"Behind the Masks: Early African-American Vaudeville," Mississippi Humanities Commission, Port Gibson, MS; July 3, 2006,

"Ammons, Kerouac, and Their New Romantic Scrolls," MLA, Chicago, 27 Dec. 1995.

"Private Lives, Public Papers, and Closure: The Fred Davis Chappell Papers at Duke University," SAMLA, Atlanta, 4 Nov. 1995

"MLA Meets Art: Editing and Design in the North Carolina Literary Review." Popular Culture Association, New Orleans, 20 April 1993.

"Before He Went West, He Had to Go South: Kerouac's Southern Aesthetics. Southern Humanities Council. Chapel Hill, NC: 14 Feb. 1992

"Understanding Vaudeville: Early Black Entertainers, Their Roots, and Their Influences on American Entertainment." NEH Summer Institute Behind the Veil: African American Life in the Jim Crow South. Center for Documentary Studies, Duke U, Durham, NC: 17 July 1991.

"Establishing the Regional Archive: The NC Film Project Begins." Fast-Rewind II. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY: 15 June 1991.

"Greenville's Warner Brothers: Their Dream and Its Undoing." Future Arts. Duke University, Durham, NC: 17 May 1991.

"Boogie in Black and White: (Nearly) Lost Images of Black Entertainers." (Key Symposium Address) Southern Anthropological Society. Columbia, SC: 20 April 1991.

"Beyond TOBY Time and Shuffle Along: Where the Other Black Entertainers Were." Popular Culture Assn. Toronot, Ontario, Canada: 9 March 1990.

"Early North Carolina Film Documents: Restoration and Preservation." Popular and American Culture in the South. Knoxville, TN: 9 Oct. 1988

"Silas Green from New Orleans: Last of the Great Traveling Minstrel Shows." Popular Culture Association. New Orleans, LA: March 24, 1988.

"'Pitch a Boogie Woogie': Text and Re-Text." Florida State Film and Video Conference. Tallahassee, FL: January 30, 1988.

"Traveling Man: 40 Years on the Road with Mose McQuitty." Popular Culture Association. Montreal, Canada: March 28, 1987.

"Preserving the Way We Were: Small Town Documentaries." Florida State Film and Video Conference. Tallahassee, FL: January 30, 1987.

Professional Activities

• Editor, North Carolina Literary Review 1991-1996. Awards: Best New Journal, CELJ, 1994; Best in Show, magazine/journal, Aldus Mag, 1993; The 100 Show, American Center for Design, 1994; Gold medal, graphic design, Creative Club of Atlanta; Applied Arts Awards Annual, design excellence, 1995, 1996; 13 others, 1992-96.

• Faculty, Duke University Writers' Workshop, creative nonfiction, June 5-10, 1994.

• Consultant. PBS documentary on Moms Mabley. Gilbert Moses, Director. 1993-94

• Consultant. PBS documentary on Buckminster Fuller, WNET, 1994.

• Scholar/Speaker, NC Humanities Council Speakers Bureau, 1990-92.

• NEH Fellowship for College Teachers, Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College, Chicago. Summer 1990.

• Director, North Carolina Film Project, 1990-93.