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Alex Albright
Democrat for District 4
Pitt County Commissioners
Early voting begins October 18 & closes November 3
Election Day is November 6

We are fortunate to live in a county that is blessed with so many natural resources and institutions that support both our quality of life and our economy. Our county government is a well-run business, professionally led by experts in their fields. As a county commissioner representing district 4, I'll support those professionals in their best efforts to administer essential services to our citizens.

No single issue motivates my campaign. Rather, as a career educator, I've found that good ideas are often complicated and that many of our issues are inter-related--which means their solutions, also, will be complicated, involving multiple approaches.

And sometimes new approaches.

I'd like to see us explore, for example,
• regional approaches to public transportation, health care, and recreation;
• inter-agency cooperation between the county and its primary nonprofit constituents, especially its municipalities, ECU, Vidant, and Pitt Community College;
• inter-departmental approaches to bettering Pitt County's own public transportation, health, parks, and safety systems.

Given the nature of finances, programs and activities are difficult to promise. What I suggest below are ideas, some of which may prove of interest to my fellow commissioners, none of which I could accomplish by myself. They seem in many cases inter-related and connected, and they all share the common aim of making Pitt County a better place in which to live and raise a family, a better place in which to retire, and a better place to build a business.

Public transportation
Increase connectivity to include all incorporated towns.
In addition to serving the long-time residents of these rural areas, such complete connectivity will make our rural communities more attractive to young professionals as well as to retirees.

Establish a public transportation hub at Farmville.
This would create easier access to Vidant and the medical district for larger numbers of people without adding significantly to roads maintenance. We could be attracting more people to our medical district from Wilson, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, and Goldsboro. Light rail might not be an option, but short-run light rail has recently been successfully established in Charlotte, to connect UNC-Charlotte with downtown. With cooperative interest and funding from Vidant, ECU, Greenville, Farmville, Pitt County, local, regional and state philanthropies, light rail could happen--and it would further establish Pitt County as our region's leader.

More accessible public transportation is a key part of better health.
Complete connectivity would enable our citizens to enjoy the benefits of regular health care visits.

A farmers market in western Pitt County would help our diets as well as our farmers.

More accessible public transportation is as important to recreation opportunities as it is to health care access.
Some of our students are unable to participate in sports because of transportation issues. Rural children, for example, sometimes don't have reliable transportation to their homes after practices, and many are unable to participate in Saturday soccer in Greenville for that same reason. Children in single-parent homes also are sometimes unable to participate in these activities because of transportation issues. Might we better use our existing school buses to make these opportunities available to all? Saturday bus routes might be a solution.

A county parks system could lead to a regional approach to parks, which would promote eco-tourism as well as healthier lives.
Currently, the Tar River, one of our most precious natural resources, is under-used. The county could be running a kayak/canoe rental service out of the Falkland landing; or it could be a motivator for a community like Falkland to find a private operator for such a business.

A comprehensive trails system ought to eventually connect all of our municipalities.

If we want to fulfill our potential, we need to be paying our teachers at a salary comparable to what they would make in Raleigh.
To increase their supplements, we might make use of businesses and philanthropy. Stronger schools will also aid in business recruitment.

We could develop more programs in conjunction with ECU for our underserved students.
ECU already hosts several excellent camps during summer. Most are day camps. A 2- or 3-night "camp on campus" experience might be developed in dorms and the campus recreation/fitness center between sessions of school when dorms are generally closed and the fitness center at low use.

All of our residents--and especially our students--deserve access to high speed internet.
But because of current state laws, residents in our rural areas find this access difficult to obtain. Greenlight's success in Wilson County is a model we could all follow, if the state legislature will allow it.

Business recruitment and retention
• We must make certain that we have the resources not only to recruit businesses but to retain them.
We should recognize that many quality of life considerations go into a business's decision to locate in Pitt County.

We must make certain that the world we're building today is sustainable for our grandchildren.

Might it be time to consider what kinds of businesses we wish to recruit?

What do you think?

What matters to you?

Let me know
by phone: 252.749.7974
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• to be honest & transparent

• to work for a better life for all Pitt County citizens, one that's healthy and secure

• to be open to all Pitt County citizens for their comments, questions, and suggestions

• to always work towards a fiscally responsible government whose services are accessible to all